APNG Animation
The Astrologia Odyssey Series.
●Astrologia Odyssey I (2014) (Publishing in Tokyo Indie Fest 2015)
[URL] https://alpha-line.jimdo.com/products/astrologia-odyssey-i/
●Astrologia Odyssey II -Extra Sorcerers- (2015)
[URL] https://alpha-line.jimdo.com/products/astrologia-odyssey-ii-extra-sorcerers/
●Astrologia Odyssey III -Forbidden Sword- (2016)
[URL] https://alpha-line.jimdo.com/products/astrologia-odyssey-iii-forbidden-sword/
●Astrologia Odyssey VI (Title TBD)
The release title in 2017 for not open to the public.
●Astrologia Odyssey V (Title TBD)
The release title in 2018 for Android Smartphone.
...In the future.